Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Sprinkle for Henry!

It is almost time to welcome Henry into the world and what better way to celebrate this sweet life and help me and Zach prepare than to have a little sprinkle!  And to make it better....I got to spend the evening with some of my absolute favorite women and eat at my favorite restaurant, Dominick's!

My friend Jenny was so sweet to offer a while back to be hostess!  She is so creative and such a party planner and I am always up for a social gathering!

Since we have all the essentials, we had a gift card sprinkle to be able to go get anything I might be lacking for Henry.  Jenny also suggested for everyone to bring a book for Henry in place of a card.  I love reading to my little ones so having a whole new collection of books is awesome!  The party was a total success and I just loved spending time with everyone.  So many thanks to all my girls...they really know how to make a Mama feel loved!

The next morning, Evan loved looking at all the books Henry received!
And later that afternoon, I headed to Target to shop for the little guy.  I was greeted by Candy Corn and felt it would be a necessity to get through the shopping trip.
I got diapers, wipes, a new bottle set, freezer bags for milk, a couple outfits, 2 nursing bras and a nursing cami and swaddlers!  It is so funny shopping as a experienced many things are cute but unnecessary in those baby isles.  Either was exhausting so a pedicure rounded out our sprinkle experience!

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