Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Phillips Home Remodel ~ Project #2

Project #2 - A New Home for the Laundering

A big project of our remodel involved moving the Washer and Dryer to the new garage.  This also meant moving electrical, plumbing and finding a good spot in the garage.  We went back and forth with a ton of different design options but ultimately all of them got shot down for one reason or another.  Luckily, the one we HAD to go with was the one that was the easiest!  We ended up moving the appliance directly outside the door that connects the garage to the house.  It was a lateral move which made the plumbing fool proof!  Once we get done with all the dirty work (if ever), I want to put a rug under the machine, where I load and unload, because I am one to drop items and what is the point if they get dirty again every time I drop them!

Having lived with the move for about 2 months now, I can say that I love it!  There is no noise and no added heat in the kitchen from drying.  Not to mention, it added a ton more space in the kitchen!

Having moved the washer and dryer...the interior demolition could officially begin!

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