Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Where Did The Weeks Go!?!

I am floored with how fast my pregnancy has gone with Henry!  People always say time flies when you are having fun...that is for sure!

As you can see, we have been busy, busy updating our home to make it more functional for our growing family...but we have been busy on the kid front, too!  Here is a quick update!

Lots of playing with trains...
And dates to the park!
Ballet started back in August!
Lots of stretching and touching toes!
Evan moved to a big boy bed in Zoe's room and we said goodbye to his pacie!
Lots of dinner dates with friends!
And homemade popsicles on the deck!
And lots of ATTITUDE!
Backyard playdates with our cousins!
And feeding the ducks and geese!
Lots of morning snuggles! 
And trips to the movies with yummy popcorn!
A Birthday Celebration for our Sweet Oliver!
And an Anniversary Lunch date in the city on a perfect afternoon!
And lots of relaxing at the Lake!
Fun with Cousins!
And some dress up and singing!
Some tomato growing!
And more fun at the park!
Lots of afternoon naps!
And even a 10 year High School Reunion!

Our weeks have been filled with lots of fun!  Now we only have 3 more weeks to go before we welcome Henry into the world!  And the fun will just continue.....

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