Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall on the Farm

Last Saturday, we had a crazy...beyond, but so fun!  I can't believe how awesome the kiddos did!  We started with a birthday party for some of Zoe's sweet friends, then headed to the farm and after the to another party in Athens for our Godson, Benjamin.  I was exhausted!

I must say thought that it was the perfect day.  I love spending days with my family, making tons of memories and spending time with our friends that we treasure so much.  We decided to enjoy the afternoon at Washington Farms in Watkinsville.  I wish we could have stayed longer because there were so many fun things to do and we really only got to half of them in the time we had.  The kids had a blast which makes it so worth it!


 Chickens, cows and goats...oh my!

This trampoline was so much fun and both kids were really able to bounce.  It was surrounded by we probably spent the most time here!

 Feeding the horses some corn!

 Hey piggy, piggy!

I absolutely loved the pig races!  So much fun.  We even were given the red handkerchief for one of the races to cheer on Team Red....too bad our sweet red piggy was a little distracted by other things and came in dead last!

 Our precious pumpkins!

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