Sunday, October 27, 2013

Phillips Home Remodel ~ Project #9

Project #9 - The Granite is Coming!

After we got done installing the cabinets, we had to patiently wait a little over a week for the granite to be installed.  It was like Christmas morning when we saw that truck pull into the driveway!  But while we waited, we had to nail the beadboard up and paint.

 And then it was time...and I was literally giddy...and so was Zach!

With the installation of the granite also came our new sink!  We chose a farm sink style and I am so, so happy we did.  Having the extra depth is a game changer and I also love having one big sink rather than a divided.

I wasted no time moving our dirty dishes into our new sink to clean.  I had had enough cleaning our dishes in the bathtub!

Another change I could not wait for was a new faucet.  The one we choose has two spray options and can detach to move around the sink.  Holy just got so much easier!  I also love to way you turn the faucet on and easy to work with dirty hands from cooking!
New Granite, New Sink and New Faucet...Mama is HAPPY!


Jennifer said...

I love the new look! And I also can't wait to see your post every day to see what else you have done.

Kristi said...

everything looks GREAT!!! I'm so excited to see your finished look! Isn't it nice to know hard work really pays off ??!