Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Phillips Home Remodel ~ Project #1

Here we go!

Project #1: Garage is a must!

For a couple reasons, changing the carport into a garage was a big to do for us.  First, we have had some of Zach's lawn equipment stolen from his trailer...not happy about that at all.  Second, we have an amazing yard!  We love to let the kiddos play and play, but we have a very busy street in the front of our house!  We wanted to close in the back yard 100% so we wouldn't need to worry about the kids playing while I make dinner or have to clean something in the house.  By closing in the garage, we closed off the back deck which makes the back yard fully closed off!  Success!

The main reason though for closing in the carport tied into the inside.  Our washer a dryer were originally located in the kitchen...in the same closet as the pantry.  It never really was an issue, but in order for us to make the kitchen as storage friendly and functional as possible, the washer/dryer had to be relocated.  Our thoughts were to move it to the garage that did not exist yet.

We had Evan's birthday party scheduled at our home for August 2nd....so August 3rd was the beginning of the home remodel!  We were very lucky to have Rickey and Zelda in town to help with the framing of the new space!

After the framing...comes the drywall!  Since this space would now store a very flammable object (cars) and the attic space and one wall connected to the main house, we needed to put up specific drywall for the ceiling and one wall in order to pass code.  Zach got lucky again....his brother Shawn visited just in time to help put up the very heavy drywall on the ceiling!  Very grateful for this help since I can pretty much do nothing.

On August 22, we had our garage door installed!  This was a very exciting day for both of us, sadly!

In order to pass inspection with the city, we had to have the siding finished.  Our home is sided with cedar which is quite pricey!  We were able to find a local builder's surplus store that carried cypress, which is very similar but half the price, and use the existing cedar that we pulled from the one wall of the carport.  Huge savings in this area which was awesome!  And once again....without the help of friends, we would have been lost!  The guys completed the siding one Saturday afternoon...even with a mid-afternoon rainstorm!

I figured I could do something to help and one afternoon painted the front of the new garage so it would at least look decent from the front.  We still have yet to paint the back and side.  We have primed...one day we will paint!
On September 4, we had our final inspection with the city and PASSED!  The garage was officially complete and our interior remodel could begin!

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