Thursday, October 17, 2013

Phillips Home Remodel ~ Project #3

Project #3- A New Front Door!

When we closed in the garage, we needed a back door leading from the garage to the back deck.  I hated spending money on a new door that was never going to be seen but I knew one was necessary.  So, of course....I proposed a new front door and to move our existing front door to the garage.  It is old and dated and discolored and let no light in the it made sense to me!  We didn't want a one with a ton of windows in the garage for obvious reasons, but the door had 2 small windows that would let in just enough light.  I envisioned a very different door for the front.

Since closing in the garage, we took away a ton of light that used to come in through the carport door.  I didn't want to loose this natural light so I really wanted a very open door.  I LOVE the door we picked out at Southern Surplus in Athens.  We are going to be staining it a dark brown...probably after I have Henry since I can't stain while pregnant.  The front door is getting a whole lot more use now too since the carport door is what everyone used to use.

Isn't it so inviting!?! 

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