Sunday, August 25, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect!

Experiencing pregnancy with a child who understand (to a point) has been so much fun!  Zoe and I have daily conversations about Baby Henry and how things will change and what she can help with when he arrives.  She can't wait!

Zoe loves to lay on my tummy and tell Henry to stop kicking her.  She sings to him and talks to him all the time.  It seriously warms my heart!

This past week, she has been very interested in learning to change diapers.  Every diaper we have to change of Evan's, she wants to be a part of....until she sees poop that is.  So, we got out one of my old cabbage patch dolls and I gave her a newborn diaper.

She changed baby's diaper at least 15 times that night!  Practice makes perfect!

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