Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just the Two of Us

I love this man!  I have really since we met....well for the second time.  I feel in love with him immediately...we said "I love you!" after the second day we spent together...we got engaged 5 months after we met and got married within the year of our official first meeting.  I love this man!
So why is it that after 4 years of marriage and 2 has become so scheduled, so predictable...almost boring at moments.  Where did our romance, our energy, our honeymoon love go!?!?!
Somewhere in the past couple years...we have forgotten why we started "us" to begin with.  In my opinion, this is not uncommon.  We are still the us that met and feel head over heels for one another....we are just a evolved over time us.
Now, I know that some of the things we used to be able to do are not as possible...weekends away, last minute concerts, sleeping in or days on the beach....I wouldn't trade the life we have together now for anything....I just wish the "us" who feel madly in love not so long ago didn't get lost in the new "us"!
I do believe that the most valuable advice we have ever received is to not forget about one not neglect each other and each other's needs.  Unfortunately, Guilty as Charged :(
I know that through the years, things happen, life happens....but I want Zach to always be first, to be my priority...and this is going to take some rearranging and change.  I am ready to work really hard to make this marriage AMAZING!  No more more laziness...I love this man!  I want our life together to be perfect....our perfect!  And that means going back to why we started in the first place and remembering US!


Elizabeth said...

I just teared up reading this. Yes to all of it.

chrysti carpenter said...

Kayley: That looks like Zach and Becca but Zach looks really different (referring to the last pic).
I know what you are saying and I will say that when you reach the point weare is so much easier to get back to where things started. Certainly don't wait 9 more years but just wanted to give you encouragement that it won't always be really difficult to put each other first and remember where you began.