Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Phone Photo Dump

Well, after more than 4 years of Blogging, I have hit my max photo storage!  I am figuring it all out, so until then....a phone photo dump!

Evan and Zoe play amazing together!  I can literally put them in Zoe's room forever and them just play and play!  This is how I caught them the other day....Evan became a Human Hurdle without me even knowing!  He giggled and giggled every time Zoe jumped over him.  Love the sound of them laughing together!

We are officially in the Advent Season!  Until the kids get a little bit older, I feel like a nice construction paper wreath with paper candles and a paper flame will do the trick!  We had lots of fun tracing Zoe's hands and cutting them out to make our wreath.  Love this time of year, preparing our hearts for the coming of Jesus!

Alabama had a BIG game last that most definitely had our hearts racing and Evan in tears!  Poor Evan couldn't handle all the excitement, jumping up and down, screaming and cheering.  Anytime we got excited...he broke down.  It was kinda hilarious!

I love the mornings where we have nothing on the agenda and we can relax in our pjs and get lots of cuddle time!  These two are pro cuddlers!

I love getting Zoe's folder from school, especially when it is full of cute crafts like these!  It is never too early to start teaching your children about the tradition of the Church, the beautiful people of your Faith, present and past, and all things Faith related!

Love a little homemade pizza and wine!

 My little man is walking all over the place!  Makes me so happy!
 A group of my girlfriends and I all attended The Story Tour at Gwinnett Arena!  It was the perfect way to get into the Christmas the music and all the performers!  If you need some new really great music to listen to...find The Story on itunes.
 Once a fire is roaring, it never takes this girl long to strip down and run to the fire and shake her booty and say "I am warming my buns!"
We have been practicing The Hail Mary with Zoe at night before bed.  She usually repeats the words after us and we call it a night.  After a wonderful suggestion from our friend, Alyshia, we started singing her the prayer and it caught on instantly...I should have known music would sink in faster!  Here is a little clip of Zoe!

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