Friday, November 23, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving

Day 18

I am thankful for Lysol...especially after a couple days of the stomach bug in our home.  I like the lemon scent the best!

Day 19

I am thankful for Baby Fever....Zach and I love our children and we are really, really excited to have the day!  I love that feeling that comes over me when I see an ultrasound or see a woman ready to pop or see a newborn....I love that I immediately start dreaming, imagining our life with another, imagine if our next will be a boy or girl, imagine feeling the weightlessness of an infant, imagining the joy another will bring to our family!  I love Baby Fever because this fever doesn't include finances or bills or negativity...only perfection and excitement!  I am thankful God has blessed me with an open heart to His plan for our family!

Day 20

I am thankful for unanswered prayers....He knows best!

Day 21

I am thankful for really soft, cozy big blankets...the kind that fit two perfectly to cuddle and watch a movie.

Day 22

I thankful for Time-Out and sometimes I wish I could myself into it!  A couple of minutes to sit and think about what I have done in peace and quiet sounds phenomenal!

Day 23

I am thankful for Zoe's imagination...she reminds me that everything doesn't have to be serious all the time or even real!  Sometimes pretending to go on a treasure hunt with a map Daddy made, pretending that the mailbox is Grey Mountain and the front porch is Lunar Lagoon and the backyard has a buried treasure...Sometimes it is nice to escape reality and have a little imagination!

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I'm Cindi... said...

Bring on the Adult Time Outs!! That would be just lovely. Or maybe I could just take a walk to the mailbox with Miss Zoe. Either one sounds Heavenly. :) BTW, the latest and greatest pictures of her are PRE-CIOUS!!!