Thursday, November 1, 2012


Having kids makes life so much fun!!!! 

 I am not a huge Halloweener...we didn't carve a pumpkin....totally ran out of time to go to a fun pumpkin patch and corn maze this Fall....but we did go Trick-or-Treating.....and Zoe LOVED it! 
 These three are all I need....they makes every moment of this life perfect!!!!

 My precious Ladybug Fairy and Dinosaur...I mean seriously...the cuteness is just too much sometimes!
 Can't you just feel the excitement through that smile!?!?!
 We only went to about 10 houses....but this girl was skipping to each...begging to go to the next one faster.  It was kind of funny when we got to a house and the owner was wearing a scary mask or had scary decorations....Zoe was a little freaked but then saw the candy and was all smiles.  Every time we left a house she was screaming "I got treats!" 
 Decisions, decisions!
I would say Halloween was quite a success!

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aimymichelle said...

that is so beyond adorable.