Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Carnival!

Tuesday, we had a great time celebrating the Halloween festivities at Zoe's school!  Zoe was so excited to get to wear her Ladybug Fairy costume to school and show all her friends.
Evan had so much fun playing in the kitchen in Zoe's classroom before all the Carnival fun began.

 Here is Zoe with two of her was great seeing some of the kids Zoe talks about when she gets home.  

 The fun day started with a parade down the hall for all the older classes...Zoe, of course, did her princess wave the whole way.
 All the of the Church office dressed up and decorated their office and the kids got to go Trick or Treating.  Even Fr. Juan jumped in on all the fun!
 Let the games begin....kind of....musical chairs was a bust.  Way to complicated for 3 year olds!
 Bowling was a blast!
 Love my little ladybug!
After all our fun games....we got to go to music class!  Zoe loves music and singing!  She did great and knew all the songs....and I found out why every time I asked what songs she sang that day in class...all she would say is "La La La".  Their classes hello song is all la la las!
And Evan had a blast with the music eggs!  This kid loves to makes some noise, too!

 After music, we headed to the pumpkin patch...the indoor pumpkin patch.  Tuesday was so windy and it would have been no fun at all with all the kids.

 Zoe's Class!
 The pumpkin patch was pretty difficult....all the kids were over stimulated and it was a busy day!  Thank goodness lunch was right around the corner!
The whole school had a contest for decorating pumpkins.  Each class chose a book and a theme from the book to decorate their pumpkins.  Our class had a train theme...I wouldn't say ours was perfect....but we had lots of fun!  Zoe was very fond of the glue stick!
 Our final activity of the day was making our popcorn hand....Zoe loved this and wanted her hand to have lots of stickers!  And she stole the hands ring for herself...big surprise!
And the best part was that we got to share our fun Halloween day with Grandma!

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