Monday, November 12, 2012

15 Months Old

My Baby Boy is getting so big!  Here is what Evan is up to these days...

  • Evan wears size 18 month clothes, size 3 shoe and size 4 diaper.
  • Evan is 29 inches tall.
  • Evan weighs 22.5 lbs

  • Evan has greenish hazel eyes.
  • Evan has 3 teeth on the bottom and the 4th is coming very soon!
  • Evan cruises all over the place, scales walls and even walks a ton, but crawling is still his fastest mode of transportation.
  • Evan can't quite stand up on his own, without using a piece of furniture or leaning on something.  I think once he gets standing up on his own...walking full time will be right around the corner.

  • Evan loves music and loves to sing.  He will repeat the beat of anything you say.  He loves to sing the tones to "Time for a Check Up" and "Backpack Backpack!"
  • Evan's first real word was "thank you" which is pretty awesome!
  • Evan loves to bang anything and pretend like its a drum.
  • Evan has started to dance and it is so stinking cute!

  • Evan is an eater!  He has started to detest some foods though.  He doesn't like hot dogs, mashed potatoes and steak.
  • Evan LOVES water and would drink a whole sippy cup full in minutes.
  • Evan whines and whines right when he sees food and he will whine until it is on his plate and whine more until it is completely gone.
  • Evan can eat anything....he has gums of steel.

  • Evan has the most precious smile.
  • Evan is really easy going and really only cries when he sees food.
  • Evan is a great sleeper.  He takes 2 naps for about 1-2 hours each and goes to sleep around 7:30.  He does fine if he misses one of the naps though.  He never puts up a fight when sleeping in his crib, but isn't really a fan of sleeping other places.  He is a homebody
  • Evan loves his pacie and his train blankie.

  • Evan is a great traveler.
  • Evan got his first haircut in October...he was getting a little mullet and that is unacceptable.
  • Evan loves to give big, open mouth kisses.
  • Evan has no stranger anxiety and is so chill!

  • Evan loves to be outside!
  • Evan loves to throw the ball and claps right after he throws it because we all get so excited for him.
  • Evan has learned to crawl up the stairs and does great.
  • Evan is a cuddler and anytime he sees a pillow, he cuddles right up to it.

  • Evan has really pudgy feet and I love them!
  • Evan has the longest, most beautiful eyelashes!
  • Evan loves bath time and splashes the whole we all get a little rinse whether we want it or not.

  • Evan is a little instigator.  He loves to pull Zoe's hair and bang the keys on the computer.
  • Evan's favorites toy right now is the tool bench and the leapfrog computer.
  • Evan loves to be sung to, so any time he gets upset...start singing and he is good to go.
  • Evan loves to brush his own hair.

  • Evan and Zoe get along really well, but Zoe definitely likes to be the Evan just goes along most of the time.
  • Evan gets so excited when we are waiting for Zoe from school and Zoe says Hi to Evan right when she gets in the car and they both just giggle.
  • Evan wakes up around 7:30 and Zoe is the first in his room saying good morning!

  • Evan loves the bathroom, playing in the toilet and pulling all the paper off the our doors stay closed!
  • Evan can get down off the couch and is really trying hard to crawl up on everything but isn't quite there yet.
  • Evan does awesome in the nursery on Sundays and the ladies in there just love him and always tell us how easy he is!

 Evan is always dirty and all boy and I just love it!


momofbugs said...

Seriously Evan....mash potatoes and steak. Totally with you on the hot dogs.
Great pics!

Joy said...

I really see his Daddy in Evan's face, now!!!