Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Feast Gone Wrong!

I feel like there are a top 3 reasons you send your kids to preschool:
1. Social and Educational Interaction
2. 8 hours a week of somewhat alone time to get things done 
3. Parties!

Let's be real...I have looked forward to all the Mommy and Muffins, Jingle Bell Market and Thanksgiving Feast days since September!

Thanksgiving Feast was a FAIL!
 And Zoe cried the WHOLE time....she sang not one song and yelled for Mommy majority of the time.
 And she refused to wear the cute Pilgrim Hat.
 Attempt at a smile...

 The little performance could not have finished fast enough....is it bad that I thought it was hilarious though!
On to the Feast....

 This is Zoe's friend Gianna.  During the performance, she kept trying to hug Zoe and make her feel better...she is so sweet!
Let's hope Christmas is twice as nice since Thanksgiving was a bust!

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crystal hollyhand said...

That picture of Zach and Evan is a framer! I love it! And the last picture is just too sweet! I would have thought Zoe would have been the star performer!! She is just saving up for the Christmas program!! :)