Monday, November 2, 2009

A Rough Morning

This morning was kinda tough. I had sharp pains....more like stretching pains or ligament pains on my right side starting at about 1 and randomly waking me up through 5 until I was fully awake. I got up and had some tea around 6:30 and just felt like poo. I hate feeling that way. I had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions I paid more close attention to when they pattern so that is good. I stayed up until around 8:30 and then I had to sleep I felt so bad. Woke up again around 11 and just laid in bed until it was time to go to work. Absolutely no motivation to do ANYTHING today at all. I am hoping tomorrow starts out a little bit better.

I have my appointment on Wednesday and I will get checked again to see if any progress has been made. It will be interesting to see if anything has changed. Today, I actually had a lot of anxiety and nervousness about labor and delivery. I am paying a whole lot more attention to changes in my body and the signs it is showing me. I just hope when I do go into labor, I realize it. Anticipating contractions is what is throwing me for a loop. I have read a ton about how they might feel or how I will know.....but I just don't feel prepared. We will see.
Until the contractions do start, I have these crazy kids to keep me distracted!


Candace said...

Not feeling good is a good sign - or at least it was with me. I felt like crap the week before; I felt glorious 2 days before, and then - BAM, BABY!

You'll be a pro at labor! Don't worry. I can't wait to find out you've had him/her because I want to know if it is a him/her!!!!

And they call it puppy love said...

Sorry you felt bad, but Candace is right, could mean little BZ's debut is right around the corner!!!!!! I started to feel just awful a few days before my c-section and my body was giving me BIG signs that he was coming soon regardless! You remember :)