Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5th.....

I am thankful for MUSIC! I absolutely love music....singing in the car as loud as I music can change your mood in a second....I just love it! Some of my favorites are Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Matt Maher, NeedtoBreathe, Carrie Underwood.....and so many more. I have been listening to The Fish here in Atlanta, the Christian station, and I look forward to getting in the car everyday. The music is so uplifting and inspiring! I don't have to worry about listening to some song that talks about two people cheating on one another or other sad and depressing topics...All the music on the Fish is motivational and HAPPY!!! Try listening and not being in a good mood when you are done.

I had a great day too! I got up early and went to keep Zelda company at Cory and Kimberly's house. It was a nice relaxing day taking care of Carson. He is such a good baby! He smiled and laughed so is so sweet! It makes me more and more excited about our if I am not enough already!

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