Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 2

Let me first just do I feel so blessed! I am so thankful for all our doctors and nurses, family and friends, everyone out there that may read this....we are all so blessed to have you praying and thinking about us....and I am so grateful!

Zoe Jane was emitted to the NICU yesterday morning. Saturday night, she was spitting up a lot so we couldn't lay her down to sleep. She stayed on my chest majority of the night....which was perfectly fine with me because I couldn't stop starring at her anyway. I didn't want to let her go at all. Finally, at around 5, my body gave in and I had to get some sleep. We sent her to the nursery so I could sleep until about 7. While there, she threw up some green, they are thinking bile, but were not 100% sure. Our pediatrician came in around 8 and examined her. Afterwards, around 9:30, Dr. Welsh-Evans sent her to NICU to get some tests run and X-rays taken. She wanted to take every precaution and I truly appreciated that.

We finally got to go down and see Zoe Jane around 10:45 and tears just came rolling. It just broke my heart seeing her with all her wires and tubes. There was one tube that went through her mouth into her stomach so they could monitor if there was anymore green substance. I just ached. It was hard too because we couldn't hold her.....and all you want to do it hold and kiss her and tell her you love her. When we went back to visit later that afternoon, we did get to hold her and love on her which helped so much. Grandma was here all day with us and Papa and Grammy came around 7:00. It was so nice having them all here!

Zach and I definitely were able to catch up on our sleep last night. I woke up at about 1:30 and pumped and then went to visit Zoe. Up until midnight, Zoe Jane had not been bottle fed, but everything they had been monitoring in her stomach came back great so they took the tube out of her mouth and were able to feed her her first bottle. I got down to visit around 2:oo and I was just so happy to see her! She was wide awake and I got to hold her and talk to her and stare and stare! The nurse let me know everything was great and that Zoe ate great at midnight. She said if I wanted to stay and give her her 3am feeding that I could. And, of course, I was going no where! She ate great again at 3 and went fast to sleep there after. I came back to the room and slept too. Zach and I both went down for the 6am feeding and Zach did so great feeding her. He is just smitten! I love seeing him with Zoe just brings me to tears now thinking about how much love he has for her! She has stolen his heart.

Today, we have a meeting with the doctor at 10:00. Please pray that all the test are showing good things and that Zoe Jane is going to be just fine. I get discharged at 11:00.

A little bit about our little Zoe Jane:

*She has awesome blonde hair.....everyone has been telling us so! Can't wait to get cute bows and flowers for her hair!

*She has big blue eyes, but I think they will darken some.

*She loves, loves her hands....they are never far from her mouth and face.

*She smiled a ton at us this I would say she is the happiest baby EVER! Ha!

*She has a great grip and just held my finger forever this morning.

*She has only lost a little bit of weight so far, which is great all things considered.

*She is perfect....enough said!


Jennie said...

Try Pink Bowtique for hair bows. It's where I've gotten quite a few of our Maggie's and I just love them!

Dressing girls is so much fun :)

The Cannons said...

She's beautiful!! So happy for all 3 of you! You have now experienced life's most precious blessing in my book...the unconditional love of a mother and her child.

Courtney Long said...

Wow - I am shocked!! I saw your post about being thankful for contractions, and I just thought you meant braxton-hicks. I just clicked on tonight and see your little one is HERE!! Congrats for making it an all natural birth. I will say a prayer for Zoe and your new little family.

Katie said...

She is perfect! Love the name too!

Lone Butterfly said...

I know how tough NICU was in January with GO - I can't imagine now with the Swine Flu stuff going around. PLEASE let me know if we can do anything for ya'll.

You guys are all in our prayers, especially little Zoe Jane.

Amanda and Keith said...

Congrats she is beautiful!