Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6th.....

I am SOOOO thankful for my parents!

It is really sad today being in a classroom with young children and them telling me they are staying at their mom or their dad's house that weekend....or kids seeing that I am obviously preggo and them first asking me "wait are you married"....or them talking about how they don't have a father or a mother. It really breaks your heart that the norm is divorce and single parenthood.

I am SO thankful for my parents, for their marriage, for their example. Do they have the perfect marriage....does that even exist....NO....but through their struggles, they prevailed and they have God in their relationship and it is apparent. 30 years later, they still love each other and pick on one another and laugh and tease and do all the things a couple should do. These last 8 months or so that we have been living with them has been surprisingly wonderful. They have been so generous to Zach and me and for that I am forever grateful. It is so nice too to know that Zach is completely comfortable with my parents....Zach and my dad get along great and this is such a gift. He picks on my mom....well we all do....but he treats her as if he has known her forever. I think this is just part of Zach's personality as well.....but I am thankful for it all then!

I can't wait to share with them their 5th grandchild......maybe even their 1st grandson. There is so much to look forward to!

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