Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blessing in Disguise!

November 7th......

I am thankful today that God's Plan for us is far better than one we make for ourselves! I am constantly reminded of the verse on my header. God has an amazing plan for each of that will make our lives wonderful if we just open our eyes and ears to it and accept it.

This became very apparent to me yesterday. Zach called me letting me know that the house we are buying didn't quite appraise for what we were hoping it would.....meaning.....that we cannot receive the 203K loan we were applying for to do all the repairs on the home. I was hysterical to say the least....these hormones are killing me....and of course it happened on the one day of the week I actually put on makeup! After talking to Zach more and talking to my Dad and calming down......this is really a blessing in disguise!

We are still going through with the house and actually going to be getting it for $2,000 less than what we offered....due to the appraisal. Instead of adding about $10,000 into the mortgage for repairs or upgrades, we are going to go step by step in repairs from what is most important to least.....which will save us a ton on our monthly mortgage payment. We will be doing any labor that we can, which will save so much since we won't be paying someone else for this labor! From this whole thing, I think God is trying to teach us patience. As much as we would love to have everything done in a week, being patient is going to save us a ton of money......that I of course will spend on the Baby instead....haha.

Everything happens for a reason and for this I am THANKFUL!


The Cannons said...

Perfection over time not in a week. That too will come for the house. You have been patient for some now 38 weeks and pefection will soon be born. ENJOY it girl, it flies by so fast.

Maryalice said...

Hi Becca,

I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I realized this morning I had never left you a comment, so that you would know I was reading your blog. My Husband and I went to high school with Zach. Tell him Cody Hocutt and Maryalice S. Hocutt said hey. It looks like Zach has found a wonderful girl to spend his life with and I will be praying that your baby comes into the world safe and happy.