Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23.......

I am thankful today that at Zoe's check up she gained 8 ounces.....she now weighs 7 lbs 1 oz! I am so glad about this because it reassures me that she is eating enough! I am so happy she is happy and healthy. I am also grateful because last night she slept so GREAT and fed every 4 hours...rather than 2....We woke up at 7! It was awesome.

We have also had more visitors! Mary, Kevin and Noah came over and brought with them a travel changing kit. It is going to make changing Zoe on the go so much easier! Thank you!

Zoe Jane's Godmother, Jenny, also came over. I can't wait for Baby Williams to arrive so we can play! Jenny brought Zoe an adorable outfit and I can't wait for her to gain more weight so she can wear it!

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