Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Week!

As you can imagine, U+V Week was pretty UNeventful!  

We got some adorable books from the library and we read and discussed the books.  We played a lot of our letter matching game and did lots of coloring and cutting.  

We did do a craft for an Umbrella on our very rainy Tuesday.  

I decided to really focus on the 5 Bible Verses, especially because the 5th (John 3:16) is rather long....but kind of a crucial one.  Zoe is really doing so amazing with her verses.  It is really amazing what a 3 year old is capable of.

Wednesday we had our usual date to Mass that I love more and more every week!  Wednesday was beautiful out so the kids played outside all afternoon while I baked a ton!  I made two batches of waffles for our mornings, a fresh batch of granola and this yummy dinner!  Real Mac N Cheese with Zucchini Chips!  Everything was so good!  The chips were a little more work than I am okay doing on a regular basis, but a good treat.

Thursday we went to Story Time and played on the computers at the library!

Friday we headed to Athens to spend the afternoon with The Williams' again.  Love spending time with them!  After our visit, I visited Earth Fare for the first time.  I was able to really load up on our meats!
This weekend we had TWO date nights!  It was wonderful spending so much one on one time with my love!  Friday night we had an absolute blast at The Stafford's for game night!  We played The Newlywed Game and I must say it was quite humorous.

Saturday night we headed back to Athens for Jenny's 30th Birthday Celebration.  I have known Jenny since I was 5!  I really can't describe how much I love our friendship and all the stages of life we have gone through together.  It is so special to have a friend for so long and not something that happens every day!
Sunday Zach and I got to sleep in!!!!  It was wonderful!  We headed to my mom's to go to Mass and celebrate Zach's birthday!  Zach turned 28 on Sunday!  After Mass, we went to Lunch at Farm Burger in Decatur.....ummm.... DELICIOUS!  Like almost too delicious!  
After completely stuffing our faces, it was on to the Dekalb Farmer's Market.  This was my first visit in a very, very long since childhood.  I was blown away not only how much gorgeous food they had but how jam packed it was!  
 I was really pleased at the pricing and how little we spent for how much we got!  I love how colorful our fridge has become over the last 2 weeks.  
Another AWESOME week!  I really do love seeing how much my kiddos grow each and every day!  It seems like they change so much every hour!


momofbugs said...

So glad you made it to the farmer's market. I think that one is awesome! Looks like you will be making some yummy veggies this week. I can't believe you didn't get in trouble for taking a picture in the market...thought no photography was a big deal to them.

Rebecca Phillips said...

Yes. Mom told me right after I took it that it wasn't allowed :/ opps