Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dr. Seuss Week!

I felt like our day to day routine was getting a little mundane!  So what better week to change things up a bit then to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday with a full week all for Dr. Seuss!

We went to the library on Sunday to get books for the week and EVERY.SINGLE.ONE was checked out. Bummer!  So we had to make due with the ones we had at home.

Monday, we had fun with Hop on Pop!
There are so many awesome resources for Dr. Seuss on PBS.org.  I was able to print out coloring pages for each book.  After reading the book, so had to find the page in her book that matched her coloring sheet.  She had to use the same colors for coloring so the two pages looked alike.
 This week Zoe really started showing a ton of interest in writing her letters!  After she got done coloring, we wrote HOP and POP on the top of her coloring page.
I feel like every week, Zoe starts showing interest in a new skill!  So exciting being able to watch her grow and develop!
Also on the PBS website there are a ton of learning games!  We worked on counting, directions and colors with The Cat in the Hat online and Zoe really started to be able to use the mouse pad and computer by herself.
 "Look Mom! I made a tent!"

Wednesday, we went to an awesome storytime at our local Book Store.  Once a month, one of the teachers from Kindermusik leads storytime.  Evan was in HEAVEN!  He had such a blast with all the music and the beats!

Thursday, we had a chill morning and decided to do our ABC Dr. Seuss book.
After reading, I had a coloring sheet for us.  I decided to do a little activity so we could apply our letters!  Zoe had to pick something off the page that she wanted to color (the page had a ton of random items coming out of the cat's hat).  Each one she choose, we discussed, sounded out and then wrote the letter it began with.  She is really doing great with her sound and letter recognition!
Since Zoe was showing so much interest in writing, we got her magnadoodle and started writing every letter together.

 Her favorite is "Z" of course!
Friday night was Family Movie Night!  And we watched The Lorax.  What an awesome movie with a very valuable lesson!
 Saturday was the big day!  We were going to Meet the Cat in the Hat at our local library!  Zoe was so excited and asked all day if it was time yet!
Ms. Nicole started with a couple of her favorite Dr. Seuss books!
 And all the kids played a fun, interactive game for Red Fish, Blue Fish.
 And then he arrived!  Zoe was just giggling and giggling.  She was so excited!
 BIG HUGS for The Cat in the Hat!

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I love her braided hair...so sweet, highlights that twinkle in her eye!