Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pleasantly Surprised

So....we got through Day 1....well really Day 2....of our no processed food venture through Lent.  I have a feeling breakfast and lunch will be a piece of cake (non processed of course), but I feel dinner is going to be a little harder.  Luckily for me, Zach has decided to join in!  Gosh, things are so much easier when your love is on board!

I honestly don't think eating from the Earth is going to be that tough....I think finding the Natural Products is what is going to be tough. This week, I definitely didn't budget enough for food, but I know better for next week.  And goodness is it impossible to find some things in the normal grocery.  One of the biggest things that I knew we had to have was bread!  I did not find ONE, not ONE, 100% natural bread at the store.  But, I am really excited because I found a monastery in NY and they make Monk's Bread!  6 loaves for $34. PERFECT!   I look forward to making my first trip to Trader Joe's on Monday and hopefully I will have better luck.  And I can't wait to have a fun day with Jenny in Athens and we can go to Earth Fare!

I am so blessed to have two kiddos who love their fruits and veggies!  They both really are not picky at all and I am going to take full advantage of that while they are little.

Unfortunately for me, I have had horrible headaches the last two nights.  Not sure if it is my body going through sugar withdrawals...yes I ate that much on a regular basis...or I am coming down with something.  But I sure do hope they pass!

Zach and I joked around about when we visit Zach's parents house some time in March when the newest addition to the family arrives....not quite sure Pig even has an organic section!  Might have to pack some food :/

But for the most part, the last two days have been a pleasant surprise!

Breakfast: Eggs and Fruit : Tea and Fruit for me
Lunch: Fruit, Almonds, Cheese and Crackers, Larabar
Dinner: Roasted Broccoli, Brown Rice and Seasoned Chicken (and Wine....totally natural)

Through going natural, I am really hoping to achieve a couple things.  Of course, I am going to try and loose weight...but also just change my eating habits for the better!  I am finding that I am always tired and that is probably because I never feed my body food to fuel it.  I am hoping to help the kids eczema and Evan's reflux.  Also, Zach has horrible reflux and indigestion, so I am hoping that this might help him as well!

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Elizabeth said...

There is such thing as detox "flu". Also, try some Emergen-C - a lot of folks in the natural world consider this an okay supplement!

And there is an Earth Fare in Athens? Send a report! I'd love to know it'f it's worth the drive for me!!! I don't care too much for Trader Joe's: it's so squishy I get claustrophobia in there!