Saturday, February 2, 2013

W Week: Tuesday

Tuesday was a gorgeous!  We started out at one of our local playgrounds for some running around before Story Time at 11:30.  I have said this before, but Gwinnett County Libraries are AWESOME!  All the events they coordinate are so fun for the kids and always free!  We love Story Time but this is the first one we have actually been able to make it to in the New Year.  This week was all about Tigers and both kiddos has a blast.  Evan was so engaged!  I was worried because I are attending the PreSchool Age Story Time so it is geared more for Zoe's age but Evan was right there with them all!

Home for a "Whale of A Lunch" and we got to enjoy it outside on the deck!

 Later that day it was time for our Worm Lesson!  Diary of a Worm was a book on CD, so I was excited to see how Zoe would take to this type of thing and she did great!  The CD was full of extra tid bits in addition to the actual text of the book.  Can't wait to check out more of these in the future.
On to our Wormy Craft...we made little inch worms with construction paper, pipe cleaners, some fuzzy balls and googly eyes!

Allow me to introduce Fiona...and her sidekick that I made was Figaro!
 After dinner and a happy plate....Zoe got her Dirt Dessert!  I think it kind of freaked her out!

 How special...after 4 1/2 years of Marriage, I received my first flower!  Awesome!
 "Look Mom, its so muddy!"

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