Monday, February 4, 2013

W Week: Thursday

Wednesday, Zoe and I had our wonderful weekly date to Mass.  Every time she goes, she does better and better....but then when we go to Sunday is like a different kid.  Frustrates me but I have to remember she is 3!  I think part of it is that she sees Evan acting out and wants to join in the fun!

Thursday was all about The Days of the Week!  A pretty tough concept to grasp but she was interested!  We played a couple fun videos on YouTube that had great songs.
 And I got this poster so see can actually see the words!
One of the things I am doing to try and help her realize certain things happen on certain days is to put events with certain days.  Like Ballet is on Fridays and Mass is on Sundays or Story Time is on Tuesdays.  I think the biggest one is Movie Night is on Fridays!  That one she caught on to real fast!

To take a break from the week, we watched the Gummi Bear song and had a dance party!
 Evan joined in, too!

 The Days of the Week is definitely going to be an ongoing lesson, but she enjoyed it none the less!

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