Tuesday, February 12, 2013

H Week: Wednesday

So Homeschooling is really difficult without a PLAN!  Never again will I trade planning period for mindless television...haha...well at least I hope not.

Tuesday, we had lots of fun as usual at Story Time and picked up a ton of books for the week.

Wednesday was all about Horses and anything that would entertain Zoe!
We checked out another book on CD and this time it was a complete BUST!  Way to advanced of a book for my Zoe Zoo.  She had no interest what so ever.  So we moved on to a Nation Geographic book will fun facts about horses and colored.

After coloring our horse, Zoe did her first color by number sheet.  She didn't really understand that she should color more than just where the number is located, but we will keep trying.
 We have acquired many crafts this last month or so homeschooling so I decided to create a craft wall in Zoe's room!

Lunch was fun on Wednesday....as always!
Zoe is getting so much better with scissors.  She doesn't struggle actually cutting, just staying on the line and cutting the actual shape.  But once again, practice makes perfect!

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