Tuesday, February 12, 2013

H Week: Monday

To be perfectly honest, I kind dropped the ball this week.  After being snowed in at Covecrest and possibly watching an entire season of Downton Abbey when we got home...my lesson planning went to the waste side.  Also, I think the letter I had planned, I wasn't very excited about!  So, I let Zoe choose which letter she wanted to study and she chose H!

H Week it is!

And it went from there....first our Mail Box and then to the Kitchen table for a book and crafts!
 The Amelia Bedelia books are adorable and Zoe loves them.  So we read this Monday morning and then did some Heart crafts!

 And then we poked holes but this ended being a little to hard for Zoe to do by herself.  Her little fingers just couldn't push the hole punch together.
She absolutely loved putting her sticks together to make an H and then we decorated it with pom poms.  She loves to write the letter H, too.  I think that is why she chose it.

 For not having a thing planned, Zoe had a pretty entertaining and educational morning!

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