Saturday, February 2, 2013

W Week: Monday

Welcome to W Week!  We started our week out as we always do with our Mailbox!  We had a Watermelon, Woody, Water and a candle for making a Wish.

Walking was on the agenda for Monday.  I cleaned up the refrigerator and had some bread so I thought it would be great to get outside and enjoy some fresh air while discussing Walking and exercise! 
While at the park, we also collected Wood chips for a craft project I had planned later that day.  Zoe wanted nothing to do with collecting wood chips, so I ended up grabbing a handful from the playground...and done.
 Zoe loves feeding the geese...she just squeals the entire time!

And we even got a visit from the lone White Duck...which of course led to the discussion of the color White!

Off to the playground we go!  It is so great now because both Zoe and Evan can play freely at the playground without much need of assistance!  While playing, we had a fun hunt for All Things W!

After naps, we started our W Craft for the day with our Wood Chips!

 And then Mommy got really lucky and had some extra hands to help her with dinner in the kitchen!

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momofbugs said...

She was even sitting in a W in one of the pics.