Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Evan's Eight

Evan no longer walks....HE RUNS everywhere he wants to go.  It is so funny because he leads with his tummy and keeps his right arm straight and waves his left for balance.  He is just so excited to get where ever he is going and walking takes way too long!
Evan has been all about feeding himself.  Unfortunately, when the food is messy like applesauce or yogurt...we lose more of the food than keep...but he is learning and needs the practice!
Evan is really trying to get his last molar popped out.  Poor guy has had the worst diapers, drool everywhere and even a puke or two.  YUCK!
Evan is getting much more opinionated and really stands his ground!  Zoe doesn't have a chance when Evan really wants something!
This kid will eat all day long if you let him.  And I am pretty sure the only thing growing is his tummy.  Luckily, he loves his fruits and veggies.  If you ever need Evan to be busy with something for at least 20/30 minutes....give him a full apple with one starting bite gone.  He will sit down and eat an entire apple....even try to eat the core.
I seriously don't think a kids loves music as much as this one.  I do believe he will be a drum player!
I can't believe how amazing Evan does during Story Time.  I want Zoe to be able to go to the older storytime so Evan has to make due.  Well, he loves it!  He sits with all the kids and you can tell he feels so grown up.  So cute!
I just love this kid's personality!  He is so chill and easy going.  He loves to be around people and really doesn't know a stranger.  He is sensitive but also strong willed.  And he is a sweetheart always giving kisses when you ask.  Love my baby boy!

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