Friday, February 15, 2013

The Body!

Y'all....I just seriously had the most amazing, fruitful, spirit filled holy hour!  Like I still have goosebumps....Oh My do I love when that happens! holy hour today looked something like this!

I tend to hear and feel and see God through music...not news to anyone who has ever read this blog.  One of  my most favorite songs is Remembrance by Matt Maher.  Haven't heard is below...AMAZING!  When I first heard this song, it was on a run and I seriously just closed my eyes (luckily I was running in a park and not on the street) lifted my hands and was filled!  I mean I felt every inch of my body filled with the Spirit. I also heard this song during the Mass for my sweet Oliver.  As I walked to the altar, tears rolling feeling unbelievably empty...this song played and I was once again filled with our Lord in the Eucharist!  Praise the Lord!

Now...I listened to this song this morning to begin my holy hour....and I closed my eyes and gave thanks and prayed for God to fill me today.  Well, never ask for something from God if you don't want it answered!

After the song got done playing on youtube, the first thing that came to mind to continue my holy hour was Christopher West.  I love Christopher West for his mission!  He is so amazing and gifted in speech and he makes so many complicated things so understandable!  So I typed in Christopher West in the search bar and the first video that popped up I watched.  THANK YOU JESUS!

I am going to share it with you!  I have to share it with you!  It is that amazing!  Now...yes I am Catholic...yes Christopher West is Catholic...but this presentation that West gave was to a Protestant Community in Nashville...not sure which one.  But I urge EVERY CHRISTIAN...since we are all together God's, to watch this and open your ears, eyes and your heart to what he talks about.

Watching this today confirmed that I need to take care of this amazing gift God has given me...MY BODY!  I am made in his image and likeness and I am meant for why don't I treat myself the same way.  Watching this today confirmed in me why I will never alter my body for my own selfish wants and needs.  Why I can't destory my body with the food I eat....Why I will never take birth control...why I embrace children and labor and every other gift the Lord gives me....Why I embrace my femininity!  Because that is how God made me!  And I am perfect!  And I definitely don't want to mess with what God has already deemed perfect!