Wednesday, February 13, 2013

40 Days, 40 Nights

Call me crazy, but I love Lent.  

Yes, I know...why would someone like having to give something up that they love or including something into their every day routine that is so far from routine?  Having practiced this time of fast and sacrifice for my entire my 27 years, I have found unbelievable beauty in this time of the liturgical year.

During Lent, you sacrifice for the Glory of God.  And only through such sacrifice can you truly see God work His greatest in you.  You see, in our struggle is when we need our Lord most!  The next 40 days of sacrifice are for His Glory and His alone....because He made the ultimate sacrifice for US!

I believe that people are so, so scared to struggle that they completely run from the idea of it.  I have heard so many times...oh I don't need to give anything up...I dare you.  I dare you to allow God to move in you through your will undoubtedly feel His presence and you will grow closer to Him through it.  PROMISE!

This Lent I have chosen to give something up that would be absolutely impossible for me if I did not do it as a sacrifice to God.  Because really to do this and succeed, I will need a lot of prayer, a lot of will power and a whole lot of Jesus!

For Lent, I am giving up Processed Foods.  Ok, there I said it!

I am freaking out and really nervous about the next 40 days but I have been praying a lot in preparation for this Lenten season and I have had a overwhelming, reoccurring thought.

Die to Self!

Now this has been prayed into and I have reflected on all aspects of my life and there are a couple other things that I will be doing in addition to a change in menu, but the way I treat my body is of the utmost importance because it is God's gift to me and I must take care of it!  And to be perfectly honest, I am abusing my body right now.

So bye bye processed foods and hello to raw, the way God intending it....and lots of granola. ha.  But in addition, I am setting aside at least one hour a day of reflection, prayer, listening to music, reading scripture or journaling...whatever I feel like that day...but it will be a time set aside.  This is probably time I would normally tweet or facebook or play on pinterest.  I am turning off notifications on my phone and deleting apps.  I am not giving these things up, but I am putting Our Lord and my time with Him in priority!

The final thing I am doing to achieve my die to self theme this Lenten season is that I will not be buying one thing for myself in the next 40 days, aside from food and drink.  I need absolutely nothing...but the wants are the true sacrifice.

Wish me luck and send your prayers my way!  If you want prayers during this Season, leave a comment and I will pray for you as well!

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Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to follow your journey!! :)