Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I Am Lovin'

I am LOVING that I finally bought my absolute favorite perfume....
I am LOVING that I only have to work 2 nights a week!

I am LOVING my coffee, brewed strong, with a packet of sugar free hot chocolate mix and a splash of caramel vanilla creamer.

I am LOVING this spring like weather in February!

I am LOVING that tomorrow I am going to help with a survey on travel systems and I will get $75 and lots of fun new toys...all for giving my opinion!

I am LOVING carrots dipped in roasted pine nut hummus!

I am LOVING that Friday, me and the kids are leaving for Tuscaloosa!!!

I am LOVING that I am having a Valentine's Day Party for all our Mommy and Kiddo friends and all the touches are coming together!

I am LOVING my two babies playing so cute this morning!  Zoe was helping Evan roll.  And I am also LOVING that I got both to nap at the same time...dinner was already in the crockpot and the house was already tidied I got to take a nap, too!

I am LOVING my amazing husband!!!!


Mary said...

love this post! tried to link it but it's closed bummer...white chocolate caramel's my fav coffee creamer right now! I was randomly called for a survey too yesterday, $150 just to try diapers, sure why not! :)..gotta love the mommy surveys!

Anonymous said...

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