Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Week

Last week is a little foggy for me...I think the exhausting weekend has blurred my memory!

Monday, we headed over to Toddler Time and she loved it yet again!

Tuesday, we had a wonderful play date at the park with Alyshia and her kiddos and my sister, Kaitlin!  The weather here has been just can't not be outside!  After we headed to our favorite and really the only place we go to eat these days....CHICK-FIL-A!

Wednesday, we had a fun day at home!  First, we worked on our hand eye coordination, counting, colors and made some accessories!
 We took turns choosing which color bead we wanted to put on our necklace.  Zoe would say "Zoe's turn" or "Mommy's turn!"
 Of course, the beads ended up all over the floor...but we managed to get a couple on the pipe cleaner.

 And after we made our was off to Zoe's room to play dress up!

 Zoe has been such a good big sister!  We have been working really hard building up Evan's strength.  Zoe loves to help roll him onto his tummy.
 Once he is on his tummy, Zoe screams..."Yay, Evan!  Good Job, Evan!"

These two just make life so perfect!

Thursday, we had a busy day getting ready to go out of town and I participated in a survey and received $75 and two awesome kids toys.  Zoe got to play with Daddy at work.  She loves playing on the golf carts!  And Evan got to play with his Godmommy and Goddaddy!!!

And Friday, I had to do some training on the new computer system at the Flower Shop and then we were off to Tuscaloosa!!!

I also made Crockpot sort of grossed me out to think about it at first...not going to lie...but it was actually pretty good.  And Zach liked it!


kimberly t. bowling said...

Zoe's choker and bracelet are very fashionista! :) And what fun "learning" moments...can't beat that! Those pics of the two of them playing in the floor are adorable...Evan sure does seem like such a happy boy, especially when he's got such a great big sister around!

Cordes Mom said...

Absolutely loved this post. The pics of the kids playing are priceless, and made me feel like I was right there with them (although, sadly :( I wasn't). I miss y'all and can't wait to see y'all again, hopefully soon. Glad you're getting your "feet wet" in the flower shop. I bet that's a fun experience, or at least it would be to me. Love that kinda thing.