Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Week

My Little Guy and I had a great week together while Zoe Jane spent the week with Grandma and Grandaddy.  Zoe stayed in Alabama from Sunday to Thursday night...which was just too long for me.  I am thinking 3 days is long enough....5 is just too long.  I thought since she has gotten a little bit older that it would be easier...nope!

But I must say...I did really enjoy my one on one time with Evan!  He is such a happy little boy and so content.  We worked a lot on building his strength with lots of tummy time, rolling and sitting up.
 Evan has almost mastering rolling tummy to back!

 He just gets a little caught up right here....he hasn't quite learned to use his little foot to push him completely over.

We also tried sweet potatoes...which he hated.  He gagged and gagged and it ended up right on his bib.  Oh well!
Since Evan is still sleeping between 3-4 times a day and so content, I was able to do a couple of projects.  First on the list, reorganize the hall closet.  You know how people have junk drawers, well I have a junk closet.  Things were constantly falling out of it and I had just had enough of the chaos!

Ahhh....much better!  I love organizing!

 Our other project was to build Evan some bookshelves....out of pallets Zach had lying around at work. 

I just love how they turned out and I think they are so cute in his room....now all we need is a comfy reading chair for his little reading nook!
And here is Evan's new trick with his pacie...all smiles here!
Thursday could not get here fast enough....boy did we miss Zoe.  I think Evan missed her the most!  It was so quiet around the house and he is used to being entertained all day.  He got lots of great, uninterrupted naps.

Zoe and Grandma and Grandaddy arrived safely late Thursday night.  Friday morning, we headed to our first Kindermusik class and I must say....it was such a disappointment.  The teacher just should not be teaching...and that is being kind.  But such is life!  Friday night, we had The Koerner's over for dinner to celebrate our sweet Evan!  Evan turned 1/2 a year old and that just calls for cake!

and maybe some wine, too!

We had a great week!


Candace said...

Love the bookshelves!! Addison and Tate both need shelves like that in their rooms. One day!

kimberly t. bowling said...

I'm totally in love with the bookshelves! Great job! I want some in every room,,,,seriously! They look great on Evan's wall--perfect. And your organization looks fab too....want to come visit and do a few of my closets???? :)

Cordes Mom said...

The bookshelves look great! Just adds to that nestalgic, natural look of his nursery. Love that Zach didn't do anything to the wood other than cut and install, because they needed nothing more. Perfect, like Kimberly said. I was also gonna offer lots of areas for you to organize, if you like it that much. So when you get that free weekend to come organize some stuff for Kimberly, I can give you plenty of other areas that need organization desperately! The closet looks awesome!