Thursday, February 16, 2012


You can ask anyone that knows me....the number one thing on my priority list in the child raising world is SLEEP!  I think it is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing....a child who is tired is just no fun!

With Zoe, I made sleeping my focus.  I read books, tried different methods, adjusted when needed, paid attention to every little thing having to do with sleep.  And I must paid off!  Zoe sleeps AMAZING!  And she can sleep anywhere!

So with Evan....I knew I needed to have the same focus.  Evan started sleeping through the night without a feeding around 8 weeks.  For some reason, I am going about things with Evan very differently than I did with Zoe.  Zoe was definitely a Cry It Out baby....and it just kills me to hear Evan cry or maybe I just don't want his crying to wake up Zoe.  Evan just needs his pacie and he is right back I just go in and give it to him rather than let him get all frazzled doing the CIO method.  Zoe is a thumb sucker, so I knew she just needed to find her thumb and she would be good.  We swaddle Evan...we didn't this long with Zoe.

This week, Zach just flat out more swaddle.  And to be was more of a crutch for both of us! But, I do think it has been hindering Evan.  He is 6 months and not rolling really, still isn't sitting up on his own and really isn't very strong for long periods of time on his tummy.

So we said goodbye to the swaddle on Tuesday Night.....and Evan did AMAZING!  I headed off to work after laying him down for the night and Zach said he only had to give him his pacie once!  Success!  But as we all know, naptime is a whole other ballgame. Yesterday's first nap was a fail!  I let him cry, gave him his pacie...and after 45 minutes and 10 minutes until eating time...I just got him up and told myself we would try again in about an hour.  Well, the poor thing ate and was a complete mess he was so BEYOND tired...he couldn't function.  I knew he needed to get some good sleep, so I lightly swaddled him and laid him down when Zoe laid down.  He slept for 3 hours and was the happiest little thing when he woke up.  Evan's last nap of the day, Zach laid him down, swaddleless, and he slept great!  So proud of my little man!  So night 2 quickly approached...and another great night!!!  I had to give him his pacie twice and he woke up at 6:30am to eat!  And our first nap this morning was easy peasy!  He went straight down.  

I think it is safe to say...we have another great sleeper!  Praise the Lord because this Mama needs her sleep!

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aimymichelle said...

you are so lucky to have great sleepers. i know babies who are almost a year old and still don't sleep good at all.