Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Evan's Nursery

I just realized that I never posted pictures of Evan's Nursery...probably because there was more I wanted to do...but I came to terms with the fact that Evan doesn't care and it is fine the way it is.
The only thing I really wanted in Evan's Room was the color red.  I don't know why...but it was a must!  So I got on Pinterest in search of red bedding...and this Pottery Barn Bedding popped up!  I just fell in love with it!  I love the plaid, the red and the airplanes....and it has Big Boy Bedding so we will not have to change a thing when he moves to a bed.
Right after I ordered the bedding, I remembered seeing these adorable vintage airplanes at Hobby Lobby.  I knew I wanted to hang them from the ceiling and I wanted a couple so I waited until they went 50%.
We re-purposed this dumpster dive find!  To save space, I wanted to put the changing pad on top of a dresser, instead of having a dresser and changing table like we did with Zoe.  When I was about 38 weeks pregnant, I was driving to work and saw this dresser sitting on the curb in our neighborhood.  I called Zach immediately to ask the neighbors if we could have it and bring it on home!  
Orignially, the dresser was pine wood and had ugly floral details on the top two drawers.  We filled in the details with wood puddy, sanded the whole piece and painted.  I found these 'E' knobs and drawer handles at Hobby Lobby.

I was so excited when I saw the above decorative detail at Hobby Lobby!  I had been eyeing the exact same thing, only made from wood, handpainted and about triple the price, at Pottery Barn.  

I decided on brown black out curtains...and they are just amazing at blocking out all the light during daytime naps!
We just left the rocker as it was.  Pink doesn't go...but I knew it wouldn't be in there long enough to recover it.  I rarely used the rocker with Zoe and have barely used it with Evan.  Evan doesn't feed at night and he is not big on being rocked to sleep...so it will be gone soon I am sure.
My Dad got us this for Christmas and I think it is perfect!
I love that his room screams 'BOY' without having blue everywhere!

My big plans for Evan's Room in the future is a twin bed, painting his nightstand red, getting a cute airplane lamp, building a bookshelf (probably out of wooden palettes) and painting one wall with chalkboard paint!  


Joy said...

Love the airplanes on the ceiling. Lawson's changing table and now the new baby's changing table was also a repurposed piece. It was originally a pine buffet. We took off two doors and put tin baskets in it for Lawson's nursery and made some creme boxes for the baby girl room. I agree that Evan's room looks just like a boy but also a baby....perfect!

Mary said...

love red in boys room...loving it in joshua's big boy room..the airplane theme is great for big boy room too, that will be great to transition easy..turned out so cute!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Oh the knobs...adorable! You did a fantastic job...airplanes are all boy, at any age...my husband has a P-38 fighter jet replica hanging from the ceiling in his office (that's what his grandfather flew in WWII).

Cordes Mom said...

I saw the bedding the last time we were over, but that's all. I am a sucker for vintage anything, and this has a very nestalgic feel to it. LOVE the sign. The whole room looks great.