Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beiber Love

Today's LOVES I am dedicating to Justin Beiber....this might be my 12 year old self coming out to say hi...but I just love this kid!

~I LOVE this song~

~I LOVE that Justin Beiber did this yesterday

~I LOVE that he believes

~I LOVE that he did this

I just LOVE the kid and I am so glad there is a celebrity out there that has his head on straight...and at such a young age!  I am sure he will still be around when Zoe gets a little bit older and then I will have an excuse to go to his concert...or if he goes on tour...I might have to drag one of my nieces to go with me.  I am sure they wouldn't mind.


Jennifer said...

I tell my husband all the time that I love him too because he is such a good role model for kids now. I like that they love his music and that he is something that is okay for them to look up to.

momofbugs said...

My girls think he is ridiculous. Hope your other nieces can help you out.

Cordes Mom said...

I am definitely LAUGHING-OUT-LOUD at the fact that the neices on this side of the family DEFINITELY have you covered. The only problem you might have is taking just one of them. You'll have to take the whole crew. I think Kendall Leigh even likes him, as young as she is. Carly would faint, for sure, but not before sobbing uncontrollably if she were to ever be close enough to meet him. Katie Beth would scream louder than we've ever heard her scream. I think Kendall would be the calm, cool, prissy diva that would hold her hand out for him to kiss it, like a princess would. (okay, I'm totally picturing it all now...)
Am I right, Misty, or am I right?