Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Week: Build A Bunny and Birthday!

Well...we started the week out with a Poop....when the kid only poops every couple days. no diaper is good seen.  But, Evan is we are happy!
In order to get my fill of sweets in before Lent began, Zoe and I made Double Chocolate Brownies and we ate them with Caramel Swirl Ice Cream.  We all enjoyed them thoroughly.

Love my Little Helper!

Fat Tuesday came quick!  I can't believe February has already come and gone!
Tuesday, we decided to use a gift card Build A Bear that Zoe received from Gianna for her birthday.  Zoe had so much fun!
So many choices...good thing Mommy was there to help her choose a precious little Bunny!

Daddy wanted her to choose a cat...but Mommy always seems to win :)

Time to choose our Bunny's heart and give it some lovin'!
Zoe rubbed her Bunny's heart on her heart, eyes, ears, nose, head and then gave it a big kiss!

Then Bunny got all filled up and Zoe was so excited to hold her!
Time to clean!
And pick out an outfit!
The computer they have to name and insert all the owners information was coded with colors and great for Zoe.  We would tell her to hit the square or press the red button and she would do it all by herself!  Zoe decided to name her new Bunny ~Lelow~!
And we are ready to take Lelow home!
But not before we stop and get ice cream...

After the mall, Zach and I had hair appointments.  Zoe's hair is gorgeous...I love it!  I love the little curl it has at the bottom and the blonde is just beautiful...I would not want to ruin this for anything!  But it needed to be trimmed...ever so slightly!  Zoe did so good getting her first "hair cut"...not even a quarter of an inch! Ha!
But we said goodbye to her first couple locks!
And she just loved sitting in that chair...she sat so still and just loved looking into the big mirror at herself!
Wednesday was the beginning of Lent!  Zach and I attended Prince of Peace, where we have been attending the last couple weeks and absolutely LOVE, for Mass and receiving of the Ashes.  On weekdays, there is no nursery available, so Zoe came to Mass with us.  Always an adventure, but she did better.  And she "sang" during the songs and it was so cute!  I had to work that night.  It is always funny seeing how many people either ask me what I have on my forehead or rub their own forehead and say "you have some dirt..."  But it always leads to me explaining Ash Wednesday and the Lenten Season and planting a reminder that Easter is so close!

Thursday, we laid low...played outside...went to the park!  I made Honey Bourbon Chicken for dinner...YUM!  I will be making this again!  Zach loved it!

Friday was Zach's 27th Birthday!!!  I love birthdays! 
Friday morning, we headed over Suwanee Academy of the Arts for Zoe's 2nd Kindermusik class.  She did amazing!  I can't believe how much her language and ability to grasp concepts has changed in 2 weeks! She was tapping, repeating all words, playing along with what the songs were saying...she understood everything and was really grasping what Kindermusik is all about! One proud Mama!

Friday night, Zach and I got to have a night out to celebrate!

We had a fun night planned.  We meet friends for Dinner at Food 101 before heading over to Mission District for a special night on Marriage, led by Chris and Michelle Benzinger! 

Since it was Friday, the menu was cut in half since we couldn't eat meat.  Luckily the menu had a great selection of some great seafood....Hubby was so happy....I, on the other hand, enjoyed a salad and soup.  Still very good and the Cosmo was superb!
 I am always open to working on our marriage and spending time with great friends at the same time.  The Stafford's, Femiano's, Andrews' and Koerner's all attended and afterwards we had a get together at The Andrews' home for dessert (not me) and drinks (yes, please!).  I mean seriously, these people are some of the pray to have these people in your life forever!

Another great week!


Sarah said...

Oh my word do you have to hose him off after those poops :-) When Liam was little he never blew out of diapers but Miss Lucy....every single time...she is always getting hosed off in the tub!

LOVE the shirt you have on in Zach's birthday pictures, you look so pretty!! Zach and I were born only two days apart! My 27th was last Wednesday!

Jennifer said...

Can you help me understand the reasoning for not eating meat on Fridays during Lent? I just have never had it explained to me and am always curious.


Rebecca said...

Hey Jennifer...being a cradle Catholic, I have always not eaten meat on Fridays during is habitual and something I just do.ha. But there are reasons :) The Catholic Church is known for its strong traditions and this is one that dates back hundreds of years. Meat was abstained from because it was a luxury in a time of prayer and sacrifice. Times have changed just a little (ha) but Lent is still a time of prayer, sacrifice, alms giving and remembrance. We give up meat on Fridays in remembrance of Good Friday. This is a great article if you want to read more about it...