Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I am Loving!

~Week One~

We have had Evan is our lives for one week...and I must is like he was just the missing piece to the puzzle. Evan fits in perfectly and having him here is just so natural! I have always heard that transitioning from one to two children was pretty tough. I know challenges will occur, but everything has been perfect this last week!!! Everything is just the way it should be and I LOVE my little man.

And I must say too, our home feels different having a little boy around. Our conversation now revolves around talking about wee wees and pee geysers...something we have never talked about before on my side of the family. All new territory for us...and we are just LOVING all the new things a boy brings to the family. I also LOVE that my Father-in-law has already planned a treehouse for the backyard!

~Smelly Good~

I am LOVING all things Bath & Body Works right now. My favorite fragrances are... And I am really LOVING this cute accessory to go over the top over the hand soaps. I got this one for the hall bath...too cute!

~A Day Off~

Even though my hubby can take a whole week off from work for paternity leave...he just can't seem to bring himself to do it. But he is taking tomorrow off and I can't wait! I LOVE having him home and very much look forward to us all spending the day together. I also am LOVING that the end of busy season for Zach is in sight!

~Milk, Anyone!~

I am LOVING that I have not one worry in the feeding department with my little Evan...this is only half of what is in the freezer right now!

~Shred It~

I am LOVING that my baby boy is here and now I can exercise! about 3 weeks I can. Instead of jumping right into running...which would be really hard at this point...I am going to start with building my muscles back at about 4weeks...start running around 6 weeks postpartum. My mom is obsessed with this workout and I LOVE Jillian! So it works! Can't wait to pick this up and start shredding these 20lbs!
~Long Overdue~

I am LOVING that my best friend and her family are visiting Georgia this weekend!!! Miss them so very much!


Greer's Gossip said...

Congrats on new baby Evan!! Your blog and children are precious!! I love B&BW soaps!!!

Life With Lauren said...

Hi found you through the link so glad I did i'm your newest follower! Congratulations on your sweet baby! Happy Wednesday and can't wait to read more:)

Kit said...

Great things you are loving today!

Sarah said...

MMM. B&BW is kind of amazing for just about ANYTHING! and CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS on your baby! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!

crystal hollyhand said...

I am loving that I will get to see you!!! Yay!!