Friday, August 26, 2011

2 weeks!

I just love this Little Man...and he makes our home so complete! We have had another great week. Each day brings new things with Evan.

  • Evan is becoming more and more alert...we actually see his eyes now.

  • Evan is really, really grunty and boy.

  • Evan is eating great and my milk is still in full force! He eats every 3 hours during the day and goes about 4 1/2 to 5 hours at night....AMAZING
  • Evan has dark, dark blue eyes and small pencil lips.

  • Evan sucks his bottom lip in most of the time.

  • Evan's eyes are so much smaller than Zoe's eyes were.

  • Evan is still in Premie clothes and I think he will be for another week or so.

  • Evan is so tiny....I love it!
  • Evan loves to be held! Anytime you want to calm him...just cuddle and he is so happy.

  • Evan is not a huge fan of sleeping by for half the night after his night/early morning feeding, he sleeps with us.

  • Evan loves his I try to distract with the pacie.

  • Evan is so strong!!! He lifts his head and rolls on his side.
  • Zoe has been loving Evan. She asks to hold him and gets upset when you take him before she is ready to give him up. But she will definitely let you know when she is DONE. She likes to tell us where she wants Evan to the swing or in the bouncy.
  • I am loving life so much! Every day I look forward to waking up and spending my time with my babies! They make life so worthwhile and wonderful!


    claire said...

    I love the photo of Zoe and Evan! So sweet.

    Life With Lauren said...

    This is such a sweet post and the pictures are precious!