Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Favorite Time of the Day

Everyday, we can not wait for Daddy to come home!  When I know Zach is headed home, we go outside and wait for his truck to pull up.  Once Zoe sees it she screams "Daddy!" and runs for the car.
Totally melts my heart!
Now it is time to play!
Must have Daddy right next to her at all times once he gets home.
And who doesn't like to play in the water before dinner....I know Zoe does!
Trying to get Daddy wet, too!
  All Done!

(1st time with the new lens.....OBSESSED!)


Hollyhand House said...

Love the pictures!!! It's our favorite time too!! I love to see how excited she gets!!

Amanda McCrory said...

Loved it!! Zoe has such beautiful Curls in her hair, never realized how much Zach looks like his dad.

claire said...

These pictures are precious. I hope that one day I will be blessed with a family as beautiful and loving as yours.

Mary said...

love these SO sweet! joshua shakes the baby gate every night til daddy gets home right around 5, they must have an internal clock for their daddies :) how's everything going with evan?

Rebecca said...

Evan is doing AMAZING! I love having a little boy feels so different!

Sassy Amie said...

Too cute! Zoe really loves her daddy!!