Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Have My Reasons...

I have had a lot of time to think about this....about 10 months....and I am still feeling like our Baby #3 is a boy.

  • This pregnancy has been night and day from Zoe's. It may be becasue Zoe was the first and I was experiencing things for the first time, but I am crediting it to gender. I have been very sensitive to certain foods and had no food aversions.

  • This baby's heart rate has been all over the place. Some weeks high, some weeks low. Zoe was quite consistent...always low.

  • I am carrying so low! Like really, really low. I have been this way majority of the pregnancy. Minus one week, and I think it was only when I sat a certain way, I had trouble catching my breathe. Otherwise, this baby has been no where near my ribs.

  • I feel like I haven't gained as much in my hips. All my normal jogging pants and comfy pants fit minus staying up because of my bump. And I feel like I am all out front.

  • I have had a ton more heartburn and reflux this go around...not so much with Zoe.

  • GIRL
  • My reasons for a girl are more emotional.

  • I daydream about two little girls and dressing them alike.

  • I think about how much I love my two sisters and how special it would be for Zoe to have this, too.

  • I think about how it will probably be hard raising two girls so close in age, but once they are older how much they will love each other.

  • I dream about Daddy Dates and how awesome Zach will be with another girl.

  • But nothing about this pregnancy makes me think Girl.

  • 11 more days....more or less!


    Phillips Family said...

    I am feeling boy for you as well, but if all those things you mentioned are true, my ultrasound was wrong! I have gained so much in my hips and butt, and this baby has been very much into my ribs. Heart rate has been the same at almost every visit! Good thing my nursery is gender neutral!

    Wiz said...

    I know sisters have a special bond but just wanted to tell you that brothers and sisters can too :) My brother and I are fifteen months apart and I am the oldest. We grew up best friends and still are best friends!

    If you have a little boy, you will love it. They know how to steal a mama's heart!