Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Jumpy Monkey

Considering the temperature today was supposed to be...oh....99 degrees...when we got an invitation to play inside at Monkey Joe's and had no plans....I jumped on it.

In the last couple weeks, Zoe has been all about jumping...which means moving her upper body and her feet staying planted on the ground...she is very careful. I thought with her new found love, she would have fun going back to Monkey Joe's again.


It didn't take long for Greg to find the car...he loves cars!
Don't worry...I'll have her back by curfew!

Zoe had a lot of fun....even though she threw a huge tantrum in front of the big slide because all she wanted to do is slide like she did last time with Daddy. It was actually quite humorous.

Thanks for the invite, Alyshia. We had a great time!


Phillips Family said...

Cory took Carson to Monkey Joe's while I was hosting a baby shower last weekend, and Carson keeps asking to got to "Monkey Toes" when we get in the car! Thanks again for the gift card!

Elizabeth said...

I could spot those baby Maria cubby cheeks from a mile away! Good choice on a play date today - it's HOT!