Thursday, August 25, 2011

Evan's 1st Bath

Little Man definitely needed a bath this week...he was smelling all boy like and we can't be having that in my precious baby. We rounded up the baby tub and decided to bathe the two together. We got off to rough start with a fountain of pee and a mud slide of poop...but after cleaning the baby tub....we were ready!

Evan was not crazy about his bath time, so it was a quick rinse.

Zoe was such a big help! She was all hands on! I would put the soap on her hand and we would let her wash his feet. It made her so happy!

Mission accomplished! Two clean babies! I love to smell of my little ones after the bath....I wish I could just cuddle them forever!


Candace said...

We do baths at the same time too! It is so much quicker and easier, and Addison just loves having Tate to play with. I imagine we will have to stop when she starts asking questions. Ha!

Life With Lauren said...

So sweet!

The Sweet Life said...

Sooo sweet. There is nothing better then the smell of clean babies.

Mary said...

Awwwww look how tiny he is in that tub!!!...soo sweet first sister and brother bath! precious :)