Monday, August 22, 2011


We had more visitors this weekend and we were the visitors, too!
The Femiano's headed over Saturday afternoon to bring Evan some cute clothes! And I got to see my sweet Goddaughter!
And then Cyndee, Crystal and Anna Riley stopped in! It was so wonderful seeing them because it has been so long! Distance makes everything so much harder...but we all try our best to travel to see one another whenever possible! Making a trip is so worth it to see your best friend!
Cyndee was not quite sure about holding Evan, but she did great!
Anna Riley is going to be a Big Sister come October...she was so sweet with Evan...but had other things to do! These little girls are just constantly going!
I think the swing was her favorite part!
Thanks girls so much for visiting! And for the yummy Ziti and adorable Game Day onesie!

On Sunday, we all headed over to Cory and Kimberly's to visit with Colin!
Zoe is all about Jumping! She jumps anytime she can! So when she saw Carson jumping onto his beanbag....she was so excited to try it out, too. And she pretty much was jumping the rest of the visit and screaming "I Jump" after each leap.
I love all of our little ones!!!! They make life so much fun!


crystal hollyhand said...

We had so mch fun!! Wish we could have seen everyone longer!! I lobe the picture of Cyn holding Evan! :).

Cyndee said...

Haha.....Look how tense my muscles are! Loved seeing yall and miss you girls already!