Tuesday, August 30, 2011


All is well in The Phillips' House!  There has definitely been some adjusting this past week...some much needed coffee...a couple deep breaths...but we are all still here!  Life is Good!

Zoe, in my opinion, is doing great.  She has shown no signs of wanting to cause harm to Evan or that she hates him....for the most part....I think she forgets he is around until he coos or makes some other sound.  Zoe's attitude to me and Zach is another story.  I think part of the 'tude is due to lack of sleep.  With having company here off and on for the last 3 weeks, Zoe's bedtime has gotten later and later...equalling a very cranky kid.  So far this week, we have been right back on schedule.  Zoe even took 2 naps yesterday to help catch up.  But if I hear the word "NO" one more time from this kid...I could just cry.  She says it with a smirk...she knows better...but she does it anyway.  She takes certain actions that she wouldn't normally do or does something specifically that we have told her not too.  Terrible 2s...maybe...New kid on the block...possibly...Her personality really taking form....I hope not.  I still love this kid to death...love everything about her.  I have just had to really put my patience into practice!

Evan is eating, sleeping, pooping great!  He has been such an easy baby...except for one little thing.  Evan is EXTREMELY grunty!!!!  I mean...do I have a little boy or an old man?  Evan grunts, farts, poops, smells and even snores!!!!  The first couple night we were home, some awesome friends brought us dinner...pizza and then ziti!  Yummy!  Well, this is the first time Evan started the grunting!  Oh no....not the red sauce!  I have had to say goodbye to anything tomato based, unless I pump and dump.  Evan was just miserable...totally broke my heart!  But since then...I have noticed the grunting continued...worse at night.  So I called the advice nurse and she suggested I start Gas Relief drops.  Thank goodness an easy fix.  Evan is doing much better!  Zach was under the impression that these drop made gas go away...No...it just makes passing gas and pooping easier on Little Evan.  So we have a very farty, poopy baby...Thank Goodness breast fed baby's poops and farts don't smell!

Recovery has been great for me.  I feel wonderful and am getting back to normal quickly.  Evan sleeping in 5 hour stretches at night really helps this!  I think every woman has some sort of struggle when it comes to pregnancy...whether it be before, during or after.  My struggles are after...at least in the self image department.  During pregnancy, I could really care less how big I get, how fat I look, what clothes don't fit anymore, what size I have to buy...After is a whole other story.  After you have a baby, you leave the hospital looking about 6 months pregnant.  Two weeks later, I would say I look about 4 months pregnant and in order to get past this mark...exercise must begin!  Unless I have Evan right next to me, I feel like I am just plain fat!  And what do you wear!  I am still in all maternity jeans and empire waste shirts.  Majority of my pregnancy, I wore dresses and tight tank tops...Can't really wear those without looking absolutely disgusting! Yay!  So I have started my exercising early!  And I already feel so much better!  Last week, I started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred...and I love it!  It is a perfect workout for a post-partum Mommy.  It is 20 minutes and very fast paced.  I have done the video 3 times and I already feel changes in my body!  It is a mix of strength training, cardio and abs.  I am building up the muscles I will need for running...which I will be starting in 3 weeks...I cannot wait!  And it just makes me happy!

Zach is almost done!!!  His busy season is coming to a close next week and we are both ecstatic!  It has been a very long, hot summer and Fall is right around the corner!  I am so excited to have him home more and for us to enjoy our kiddos together!  We have so much to look forward to this Fall!


Christine said...

I have a little boy too (3 months) and he is super gassy too! He farts all the time, but they STINK! Terrible terrible smells. And he is exclusivly breastfed... Before I had him I too thought babies who nurses didn't smell, SO wrong.

Hollyhand House said...

I am sure we will go through the same things yall are going through with Zoe. It's a hard time because it's terrible twos and a lot of changes.
I totally feel you on the body image thing. I think that's what I had the hardest time with last time and I already dread that feeling of just. Beng fat!! I know it's all for a wonderful reason but its hard to not want your body back!! We have 2 shred videos on demand and I watched a few minutes and it looks great...I will have to try that since I know it will be harder to go to the gym for a while!