Friday, August 5, 2011

The Weekend is Here!

I love weekends when my hubby is off from work!!!! This weekend is extra special for us because it is our last one as "Just the 3 of Us" before Baby #3 arrives. We have lots of fun planned.

Tomorrow, we are taking Zoe to her first Movie at the Movie Theater. We are going to see Kung Fu Panda 2 at the $2 theater...that way if she isn't crazy about....only a $4 loss. I think she will love it though and I am going to bring some fun treats so I am sure she will love that!

Tomorrow night, Zach and I get to go to "Game Night" with some of our great friends. We just love these nights and are so blessed by the company of our friends. We are also blessed to have a great babysitter, a.k.a Grammy, close by so we can enjoy being a couple every once and a while. I can't wait to eat some yummy BBQ and mac n' cheese and have great conversation with the girls!

Sunday, we FINALLY get to see Jenny, Zoe's Godmommy, Ben and Flint. We have been trying so hard to get together for so long and it just hasn't worked until now. We get to have brunch with them at one of my favorite places, Three Blind Mice!!! Afterwards, we are going to take Zoe to the pool to play and practice swimming in her new floaty. She is going to be ready for fun at The Caribe in October!

And in between, we are going to get our last minute things ready for Baby #3's arrival. We just need to pack up our bags and get a couple things down from the attic. And I think Zach should practice massaging now for labor...yes...that sounds like a great idea!

The weekends always go by so fast...but I am so excited for next week, too! All my family will be rolling in. Kaitlin gets back to Covecrest from Boston on Monday, Chrysti and the girls arrive on Wednesday and Grandma Panchito flies in Wednesday night! And Zach's parents are waiting by the phone for the "we are in labor" call! We are all so excited for Baby #3's arrival!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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Hollyhand House said...

I can't believe you are just days away!! Enjoy every last second with Miss Zoe this weekend...thats the part that will be bittersweet for me too! I will also be waiting for a text to know you are in labor so...have someone text me! haha!! Love you and I can't wait to meet Baby #3 when I come in a couple of weeks!!! :)