Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Added to the Bunch!

The Phillips' Family has done it again! Kimberly and Cory welcomed Colin Alexander to the Family on August 18! Getting the call that Kimberly was in labor and heading to the hospital was so exciting Thursday morning! We rearranged our day and were able to move our doctor's appointment up. I thought we would have some time after our appointment to stop and get lunch...but Colin had other plans! We got another text at the beginning of lunch that Kimberly was 10 and getting the doctor. We ate very quickly and headed to the hospital!
Love all my nieces and nephews! So excited to have Colin here!Evan and Colin were born exactly 1 week apart! I have so many dreams about the future with these two...and really the future with our whole family! My kids are so blessed to have so many cousins so close in age!

Congratulations Kimberly and Cory...and Carson!

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Life With Lauren said...

So sweet congrats to them!