Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Weekend

Good Morning is 6:30 here in Atlanta and yes, I am awake at 6:30 on a SATURDAY morning. Why you ask??? The baby has a crazy case of the hiccups and it woke me up! The baby is already waking me up at all hours....something I need to get used to since he or she will be here is 6 weeks! Today marks me at 34 weeks! I have my check up on Thursday.

I also got news back from my computer guy......Bad News: my hard drive was completely shot and he couldn't retrieve ANYTHING! Therefore, I lost ALL my pictures from 2007 to present....including honeymoon and all baby shots so far, all my beautiful address labels I had already put together for Christmas and much for planning ahead, my address spreadsheet, my budget spreadsheet, my "Things to Pack" list for the hospital, my Call List for when the baby arrives and much more. Luckily, I have uploaded a lot of my pictures to facebook or to the blog...I am sure the quality won't be as good though....WORD OF ADVICE....Back your computer up RIGHT NOW! Good News: I learned my lesson about depending on technology before the Baby arrived and now I will always make cds of my pictures and save all my documents to a thumb drive! I am not loosing one precious pictures of that little one....even though there will be millions!

Exciting weekend ahead! Today, of course, is full of Football! Before though, Mom and I are going to a local Elementary School to support a Fun Run for I am not running in it. My mom is a Special Ed teacher for Gwinnett County and majority of her students are Autistic. They are all so cute. I love visiting and seeing all of her students in their activities! Then let the games begin! (Side Note: Speaking of "Let the Games Begin"...I am so excited Rio de Janeiro won the 2016 Olympics! South America has never held the games and they all looked so happy!) Back to Football! Great games this week! Alabama vs Kentucky....not the best but we will take it....GA vs LSU....and AU vs UT....should be interesting! Hopefully I will be able to stay awake to watch them (I am used to sleeping in until about 10am....yes be jealous).

Sunday, Ms. Brenda, my Mom's best friend and to me is like my Aunt, and her daughter Carrie, are throwing me a Baby Shower for all our Atlanta friends. I am so excited to see all the women I grew up with and all my friends in the area. I had planned on wearing a cute dress my SIL let me borrow....but the swelling is just ridiculous and I just can't bear to show off my gross oversized ankles and feet :) So I have a back up pair of pants and cute shirt! It should be a fun afternoon though!

Happy Weekend!


kimberly t. bowling said...

Have a great weekend!! WOW...the countdown is really here...6 weeks!

Sonya said...

I use the thumb drive a lot too! But we also invested in an external hard drive. You can hook it up when you want to move items over or you can set it up to back up your files on it's own. It was well worth the money!